Helen Ansell Fine Art Print – Red Tailed Cockatoos


This gorgeous black, red and pink print features gorgeous Australian Red Tailed Cockatoos

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Helen Ansell Fine Art Print – Red Tailed Cockatoos is now available as a high-quality print. It uses smooth Fine Art paper and archival ink to achieve lasting and beautiful results. The print will last for over 200 years if kept under glass and away from direct sunlight. Including the white border, the print measures 40 x 40cm while the actual image measures 30 x 30cm.

About the Print

This large cockatoo is native to Australia. It is found in northern and drier parts of the continent. Adult males have bright red tails, giving the birds their name. They are usually found in eucalyptus woodlands or along watercourses. They are cavity nesters and depend on trees with fairly large diameters, generally eucalyptus. The mainstay of their diet is eucalyptus seeds, but they also consume a wide variety of native and introduced grains. Like all cockatoos, they have a long life, with one being known to have lived for over 50 years.

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About the Artist

Helen Ansell is a regional Western Australian artist. Her vibrant paintings capture the spirit of native Western Australian flora and fauna. Helen grew up in Ululla, a remote Aboriginal community in central WA and has strong ties to the indigenous communities there. Helen now lives in Mulluwa, the centre of WA’s wildflower country, where she is inspired by the wild desert landscape. Her passion for supporting regional communities has seen her take part in large-scale public art projects in and around her town.

“I often get asked about the use of dots in my artwork and whether I have an Indigenous background. I grew up in an Aboriginal community which has had a huge influence on my art. I have the full support of my home community in Wiluna for my artistic pursuits as well as formal letters of support from recognised Aboriginal Elders in the Midwest. I only ever use dots in a purely decorative sense with birds and flowers and never paint Aboriginal Symbols, dreamtime stories, law business or any other symbolism.” Helen Ansell


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