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Benni Marine Design

Our Glasses Lens Cleaning cloth range has gorgeous Benni Marine Design prints. If you are after a small inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer, you can’t go by these snazzy cloths. They come attached to a card with a description of the design…perfect if you are giving it as a gift.

Benni has been diving and taking underwater photos for 26 years and wanted to share the beauty of the underwater world uniquely. She decided to experiment with using her photography on various fabrics and has created some beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Benni also contributes 5% of profits to important ocean conservation projects and leads the invasive sea star around Hobart and surrounding areas, which is manned by volunteers. By purchasing one of these beautiful Glasses’ Lens Cleaning Cloths you are also doing a good deed in protecting our environment.

Choose from:

Blue Drama (design of a Male Shaw’s cow fish, Tasmania)
Subtle Beauty (design of the endangered Spotted Handfish, Tasmania)
In the Pink (design of a mosaic seastar, Tasmania)
Sci-Fi (design of a giant cuttlefish, Australia)
Whimsy (design of a Harlequin shrimp, Indonesia)
Mystic Dragon (design of a weedy seadragon, Tasmania)
Lime Surprise (design of a Nembrotha nudibranch, Indonesia)
Majesty (design of a tropical anemone, Indonesia)
Tropical Delight (design of the Mandarin fish, Indonesia)
Mesmerise (design of a tropical sea anemone, Vanuatu)

Check out Benni’s beautiful Silk Scarves which are beautiful all year round.

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Blue Drama, Subtle Beauty, In the Pink, Sci-Fi, Whimsy, Mystic Dragon, Lime Surprise, Majesty, Tropical Delight


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